Nunchuk Precision Shaft (Drivers/FW Woods)

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The patent-pending NUNCHUK® golf shaft is designed to perform unlike any other shaft on the market.
The Nunchuk Shaft
With its Tri-Zonal Stability™ (TZS) technology, golfers will experience unparalleled consistency, accuracy and performance. We believe it is The World's Most Accurate Golf Shaft™.

With the NUNCHUK™ you can rely on the club to deliver the clubhead at full speed, with the clubface perfectly aligned with the intended target - achieving incredible results and hitting more fairways.

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The patent-pending NUNCHUK® puts the golf club in total harmony with the golfer, producing a unique "one-piece" feeling and increasing confidence with each and every swing. This creates correct bio-feedback for the player since the shaft, clubface, and player’s hands are all in alignment.

Our player testing results show that the TZS technology enables golfers of all playing abilities, and player segments (professionals, men, women, seniors, and juniors) to ALL play the exact same golf shaft.

We know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true!

We believe that the “problem” with most shafts today is that they produce several destructive swing variables that diminish golfer performance.

Simply, most shafts on the market flex, twist and droop during the swing in a manner that results in the clubface often being open or closed at impact with the ball, and with a significant increase or decrease in loft. Further, most shafts promise a “kick” of the clubhead into the ball. However, our research and high-speed video testing proves that most kick occurs well before the club hits the ball, wasting that energy before impact.

NUNCHUK® Tri-Zonal Stability™ technology eliminates all these destructive swing variables.


  • Reduces spin, resulting in less dispersion and more fairways.
  • Controls shaft lag, thus stabilizing the head at impact for true loft and face angle.
  • Stability creates a “one-piece” feeling in harmony with the clubhead.
  • Provides greater acceleration of clubhead through impact, creating longer drives.
  • Produces better performance and control during adverse playing conditions.
  • Eliminates need to manipulate club face at impact.
  • Builds confidence – just aim and swing!

The Nunchuyk™


  • Model: 121
  • Shipping Weight: 104g
  • Manufactured by: NVENTIX

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