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Introducing FlightScope Xi

Ever wondered how you could groove your golf swing to the point where greens-in-regulation percentages go through the roof? Or improve your driving accuracy to the point where you beat your buddies all the time? Or hone your wedge play to the point where even Phil Mickelson takes notice?

FlightScope Xi is just the tool for you.

Using an iPad, or even your iPhone (or most Android tablets and phones) it is easy to connect directly to the FlightScope Xi and have fun immediately.

Heritage of Accuracy.

FlightScope has its roots in the area of ballistics where EDH developed radar tracking systems that can measure up to 3000 rounds per minute and within accuracies of 0.03%. FlightScope Xi was designed with the same precision in mind and by the same company, using the same skills and experience that made EDH a successful scientific instrumentation company, delivering technology solutions to over 30 countries world wide.

Uncompromising Ability.

FlightScope Xi can track a golf ball until it lands for most players, thus measuring the actual ball flight precisely, unlike most other technologies that compromise by having to calculate or estimate ball data.

Consistent Reporting.

FlightScope Xi is consistently accurate within 2 yds at 250 yds carry distance, not only in distance but also actual position. That means that the shot shape is accurately measured and reported without having to estimate like most other technologies.

Fully Integrated Apps.

FlightScope Xi comes with Skills-Xi, an App for iOS as well as Android devices. Skills-Xi can be used to play target games in a similar way to what “Big Break” on the Golf Channel does where a dartboard-like target is placed on a fairway and scores are based on how accurate the player hits shots at the targets.

New, innovative apps will be released on a continuous basis and will be available on AppStore as well as Android Market.

Standard Skills-Xi challenges can be downloaded from the web and played. Scores are posted to a Skills Leader Board hosted on, associated with the specific Skills-Xi Challenge. The user may also create custom Skills-Xi Challenges and share that with friends, or even the public on

Adapts to Any Environment.

FlightScope Xi measures the ball flight until it lands and therefore reports the effects of wind, other weather conditions and height above sea level as actual.

FlightScope Xi can be used indoors for any ball flight distance more than 10 feet. A simple metallic sticker is stuck onto a dimple of a golf ball to assist in measuring spin and the rest is automatic.

FlightScope Xi will be integrated to many popular simulated golf courses, making it easy and affordable to play simulated golf at home.

Affordable Technology.

The FlightScope Xi LE (Limited Edition) will be available early 2014 at an affordable price.


  • Model: 141
  • Shipping Weight: 4000g
  • Manufactured by: FlightScope

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